Opera: Steps to the Stage is a new series of opera talks developed to be entertaining to patrons who love opera as well as those who are developing an interest in opera or classical music. From never before seen materials from backstage and the Metropolitan Opera Archives,  to technological graphics, this lecture gives patrons a fresh point of view on what it takes to be a part of an opera.

This series approaches educating the public about opera with the subject by addressing materials and themes that are relevant to today's library patrons, such as the lecture "Opera in Ebony" which introduces some the well-and-lesser known people of color who have made international opera careers, and the lecture "Name That Opera!" which helps audiences realize that they may already be familiar with opera, by exploring the use of opera  in popular TV, Film & other media.



Do you have an opera or theme you'd like to get the inside scoop on? Contact Tanisha to recommend an addition to her repertoire.